For the Love of What: Our Story

It all began with an idea…


In 2019, two friends faced a similar problem. Having days they were truly proud of was hard enough- it required seamlessly going between work life, gym life, and social life. What made these days even harder was the fact that they required multiple bags, oversized bags, or unnecessary detours home. Inspired by the mission to make productive days a little bit easier to achieve, they set out to design a bag that functionally and aesthetically worked in a gym setting, work setting, and social setting and allowed the owner to transition seamlessly between these worlds.

What started as a simple task, design the best bag to carry us throughout our days, evolved into a grander mission: drive productivity in those that want it. At FTL we take immense pride in what our customers are able to produce and are passionate about helping them increase their productivity. Whatever it is you do, we’re here to help you do it better.